Outside Lodge View From Uchi Lake


At Uchi Lake Lodge, we want to send you out on the water with a full belly.  All meals are hearty, home made with large portions. Breakfast is served from 7-8am but feel free to grab a coffee beforehand as it has been brewing for awhile already. Our spacious dining room overlooks the lake, letting you anticipate your day while having a hot breakfast. Breakfast meals consists of eggs (any way you like them), bacon, sausage or ham. Hash browns with white or brown bread. Pancakes and French toast. We serve it all with freshly brewed coffee, orange juice, milk, or hot cocoa. After 8am bagels, toast, cereal and muffins are available for those who wish to sleep in.

Shore lunch is on the lake at noon everyday unless the weather is challenging. If it’s rainy, come back to the lodge and stretch your legs in the comfort of our dining room with a hot cup of coffee. At shore lunch we’ll fry fillets and make potatoes and beans and get you back on the lake as soon as possible, unless an afternoon nap is more to your liking. Bagged lunches can be arranged if you opt to skip shore lunch because you wish to fish the far end of the lake or one of our portage lakes.

Our dinner meals are served at 6pm every night. We serve three-course meals with homemade bread, soup or salad, followed by our main course, which changes each night—roast beef, barbecued rib-eye steak, roast chicken, pork steaks, turkey, and more. And there’s always seconds if your still hungry (just ask). Top it all off with dessert—fresh baked pies and cakes, brownies, apple crisp, ice cream and more. We have something for every appetite.

All food is prepared daily in our kitchen. Fresh produce and meats are flown in once a week to insure that the food we serve is always first-rate.

And when you’ve had your fill of fine dining, grab your jacket and cap, and head back out on the lake for the evening bite. Don’t forget, it stays light until almost 10:00 p.m. for most of the summer on Uchi Lake! We ask that all boats be in before dark for safety reasons.