Outside Lodge View From Uchi Lake


Moose Hunting

If you want to experience the thrill of big game hunting in the Canadian wilderness where you’ll never see another person — Uchi Lake Lodge is for you. Our moose are a north-western subspecies and are much larger than the eastern moose. They average 1000-1200lbs and because uchi lake is a remote fly in location (and receives no pressure from other hunters or lodges) they get big. Many of the moose that roam here have never set eyes on a hunter before. And because we live on the lake for 6 months of the year, we know right where the big ones are.

During one of our seasons we saw 22 moose in the first three days of the hunt. Our success rate for that year was 100%!

We offer exclusive hunts to a select number of hunters. Usually only 2 groups per season.  This is our camp rule and it helps maintain a very high population of moose in our area. And it is because of our limited number of hunters that our success rates are so high. Many years over 80%.

Guided hunting packages for housekeeping or American Plan packages can be arranged. We offer both archery and rifle hunts. Call to discuss your options. There’s no experience like having a monster bull moose come in to the call of the guide.

We hunt WMU units 4 and 16A and have a select number of bull, cow and calf tags available for 2023 – call before they are gone!
(MNR moose license, tag and export permits not included with any hunting package).

Moose Tags still available for the 2023 season!

Hunting Package #1

Our most popular package is a party hunt. A group (min 4) of hunters sharing 2 tags (1 bull, 1 cow) as a housekeeping semi guided hunt at our remote fly in location.  Party hunting is legal in Ontario and we have put together a 7 day fly in hunt for a group that includes boats and motors and accommodations at Uchi Lake Lodge. Enjoy the camaraderie of your hunting buddies in one of our modern cabins with all cooking equipment and linens supplied. Wifi internet, telephone and  tv at the main lodge. Hunt the 12 mile lake and surrounding area that is our exclusive area with no other hunters around. Map detail and orientation of past producing hotspots as well as guide assistance with tracking, field dressing, quartering and retrieving your moose. We have atv and amphibious argo and all equipment necessary to help retrieve your trophy.  Package includes use of boats for fishing during your stay and flying out your moose to the float base upon departure. New for 2023 is the addition of calf tags. A package can also be customized for a larger group of hunters to include an extra cow tag or calf tags or possibly even meals. Rifle or bow hunt area 4. Call to discuss your options.

This package is $3495.00/person. US funds. Better rates for groups of 6 or more. Call to discuss your options!

Hunting Package #2

This is a fully guided hunt for 2 hunters and 1 guide as an American Plan 7 day package. Includes flight and meals at Uchi Lake Lodge, boat and motor, unlimited fuel, assistance with tracking, retrieval and quartering and flying out your moose. Boat and motor for fishing when not hunting or after the harvest. Rifle or bow hunt area 4. This is the complete guided package, just bring your hunting gear!

This package with 1 Bull and 1 Cow tag is $5995/person. US funds.

Package for Bull only one on one hunt $7500

Cow and calf hunt available for 2023. This is a self guided hunt with close to the same price as a fishing trip. Fish and hunt for 7 days and enjoy the American Plan package. Includes flight to and from lodge, boat and motor, unlimited fuel and all meals. This is a rifle hunt starting Oct 9th.

This package with 1 cow and 1 0r 2 calf tags is $2800/person. Minimum 2 person.

Hunting Package #3


 Ontario residents with their own tags for WMU 4 and 16a.  Semi guided hunt same as package as #1. Includes flight to and from lodge and accommodations in one of our modern cabins. Cooking equipment and linens supplied. Warm cabins with wood stoves. Exclusive hunting areas with boats, motors and canoes/kayaks already strategically placed in prime locations where you will not see any other hunters. Remote fly in hunting with all the modern amenities at the lodge. $2995.00/person Canadian funds. Call to discuss details.