Outside Lodge View From Uchi Lake


You’ve heard the old adage it’s not “how”, but “how many”! Well, we’re sure you’ve heard it before, but at Uchi Lake Lodge it’s really the truth. Fly-in to Uchi and you will catch them on just about anything in your tackle box. It’s more of a game to find something you can’t catch one on. Most colors are okay too, yellow seeming to be the odds-on favourite.

A medium weight spinning or casting rod is your best bet, don’t leave your light rod at home. Six to eight pound line is perfect. Tie on a jig and you’re all set to go.

Conservation was made a #1 priority years ago and today the results are obvious 80 to 100 Walleye per boat per day is the norm, three to five pound average. And it’s common to have exceptional days of 100 plus walleye per person.

In a nutshell, Uchi Lake Lodge is a Walleye fisherman’s dreams come true. The lake is full of structure from one end to the other. There’s weed beds in the back bays and steep drop offs on the main body of water. The lake is 12 miles in length and 87ft in the deepest part. And keep in mind you can always be fishing even when the weather turns unpredictable. There’s no competing with a great Ontario Fly-in Fishing trip and that’s what awaits you here at Uchi Lake Lodge!

But don’t think walleye are the only fish at Uchi Lake. Northern Pike are wall to wall as well. But you will need to bump up your tackle level a notch or two … medium to heavy rods with ten to eighteen pound line is a must, a steel leader is a good idea too, unless you want to lighten your tackle box for the flight home. We recommend spoons (Johnson Silver or gold) spinner baits, divers, crankbaits and surface lures as the basics to bring these “Uchigators” up to your boat. In other words, if it’s flashy or makes noise it will work, and keep you busy and laughing all day long. Northerns over 40 inches are caught daily at Uchi Lake and its common to see northerns attacking your walleye as you reel them in. Sometimes it’s even possible to catch both fish at once. Uchi Lake is an incredible fishery that keeps our guests returning year after year!

Uchi Lake is a catch and release lake. But we do enjoy fresh meals of walleye and pike everyday at shore lunch. To make this work, we ask that each guest brings 1 walleye under 18 inches into shore lunch (preferably 16-17 inches) each day. And for those wishing to have a meal of walleye when they return home we allow guests 2 walleye under 18 inches and one Pike under 27 inches for take home if desired. All other fish must be released! Replica mounts are far superior to skin mounts so make sure you have a camera with you while you are out fishing. It is our camp rule that makes the fishing so good at Uchi so please abide by our rules. Handle fish with care and get them back in the water as quickly as possible.

*Guests are responsible for any damage to lodge buildings, boats and motors and camp equipment. We do offer boat insurance as an extra.

Fishing at Uchi Lake Lodge

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